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You’ll need Excel 2003 or higher. Remember: You’ll want to use a separate plan for each gig – at least the ones that are significantly different than the others. 

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Who is Marty?

I’m Marty Koenig, aka BizGrowthCoach on fiverr. People tell me I’m the real deal. Many folks have worked with coaches or consultants and the entrepreneur’s experience is usually less than stellar. Not with me.

I was the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for 24 firms and raised over $20M for my clients. I was the Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, as well as Chief Operating Officer. I’m pretty good at managing projects too, having a professional certification in project management – I’m PMP Certified. I’ve got four university degrees: An Associates in Electronics, Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, plus Bachelors and Masters degrees in Management. 

I have the time of my life helping small business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, home-based consultants and coaches grow their business, become more proud of their online visibility, and get more business from the internet. 


  $97  Today $47