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Don't let things fall through the cracks. Get my 196 item project plan, and start building your successful startup today

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SPECIAL REPORT: Is It Possible To Get A Startup Plan and Road map With Everything In One Place Without Having Things Fall Through The Cracks?

According to Marty Koenig, Founder and CEO of CxO To Go, and owner of the popular website and, the answer is Yes! “When I struggled to get my startup going, I felt nobody knew what I was going through and even fewer had the answers I needed”, Marty tells us.

Why Do Most People Struggle?

According to Marty Koenig, there’s a reason why so many people struggle with starting up a new business, despite so much help being offered to them today. “I felt like I was hitting my head against the wall. I was stuck because nobody seemed to have the entire picture for me. I was losing sleep at night wondering what I had missed. Lots of people had bits and pieces for me, but they didn’t know every detail needed to start a business from the ground up. Slogging through it all by myself was not the most effective use of my time.”

How Did Marty Koenig Conquer Getting His Own Startup Plan and Roadmap So Others Could Use It?

“I’ve done professional project management for private clients, so I gathered together everything I went through to start my own business. I felt like I needed to organize it all, and wanted nothing to fall through the cracks. I developed an Project Plan using Project Management Software Tools so all the details were in one place. So I could keep track of everything. Now all startup entrepreneurs can get huge value from the secrets I learned the hard way”, Marty tells us. Once I created this, startups begged me to work with them. They paid me $1,600.00 to help them through this very tool.

Was it worth it?

“Now that I found the solution, I could sleep better at night. I could help others with the same struggle. Many startups all over the world now enjoy the fruits of my work. That’s very satisfying for me since they don’t have to guess any more.” We are getting Marty’s exclusive information in the hands of many startups because we have seen a huge need for this information. People don’t know what to do next and they get stuck. That pains Marty and he knows it’s a pain for you. Don’t let things fall through the cracks. You get 196 items in the right sequence, so you can build a successful startup. And Marty Koenig is not alone. There are a few more success stories you can read about below.


Hi, Marty Koenig here. I’ve spent a lot of time developing many project plans and roadmaps for my private clients. They pay me $1,699 to customize one just for them. I took my absolute best work and combined to create the one that covers it all. Now you get to have for a tiny fraction of that price. By the way, I’m a Certified PMP, which means Project Management Professional. That’s no easy task to get. It’s like a CPA or Certified Public Accountant for the project management profession.

“You don’t have to guess at this any more!”

You get the benefit of all my hard work. Get ready for the incredible detail in a highly actionable, usable MS Project and easily imported formats you can use to:

  • Manage your startup like a project, instead of haphazard guessing
  • Customize your own dates
  • Add your own resources
  • Setup your own sequencing
  • Setup your personal dependencies
  • Setup your own timelines
  • Use it over and over again.

You get 7 Level 1 task areas, each with dozens of sub-tasks. You get everything so you can sleep at night, knowing we’ve got you covered. Startup Roadmap and MS Project PlanIt’s all in there. I hope you enjoy it. Get your instant download of my .mpp file now, and take your worries away.

Startup Roadmap and Detailed Project Plan in MS Project 2007, MS Project 2003, .XML format to import into any Project Management Software Tool, plus an Excel version.

I must be crazy! This tool took me 161 hours of research and 132 hours of struggling without this. I pulled all the pieces together just for you. My advisors warned me that I was selling this too low. I’m ignoring them.

Read what other’s say:

“This checklist will definitely help me develop a game plan for my upcoming business venture.” -norfolksouthern “This is an expert. VERY THOROUGH!! Will definitely be ordering more :)” -sauraj “Really awesome stuff… the whole scope, don’t miss anything, and get it in the right order. Thank you so much!” -keylessguy “This is a very detailed list and a great time saver to make sure nothing is missed in your start-up planning. I’m sure this is going to come in handy for my new enterprises. Thanks.” -seanfromsocal  

Startup Roadmap and Detailed Project Plan

If you don’t have MS Project 2007, no problem.

Bonus #1 We’ll send you an Excel .XLS format

Bonus #2 We’ll send you an .XML file, so you can import it/use it on just about any platform! For a MAC you can download the free OpenProj software, or you can import it into BaseCamp or I happen to like Ganterr. Google them and you can choose the right one for you. 

“Great checklist, exactly what I was looking for. Fantastic business guy, answered my questions and delivered very quickly. I will surely be using his services again. Thanks!!” -tbboyette “Marty provided the information to me in record time!!!! I could not get over the the depth of the information he supplied and the quality. His plan will be extremely beneficial.” -kipflea “Great advice especially if you’re a start-up company. It gives you an idea of what to expect and helps with time management. Thanks.” -techgyrl “Definitely worth 10 times the price.Very knowledgeable. When my budget allows, I will definitely take advantage of Marty’s coaching skills!” -kokabella

I am so confident my method for starting a startup will work, I will provide you with a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase if you don’t find any value. Simply contact us for a refund of the purchase price.

$197  $27 today.

Thank you! -Marty Koenig

Who am I?

I’m Marty Koenig. I’m a startup CFO. I’ve  been helping startups, entrepreneurs and businesses get started, raise capital and exit for 30 years. I’m a tech geek and understands hardware, software, gadgets, social media, and web marketing from the inside and out. I’m an expert at the art of project management and have done every single thing in the Startup Roadmap and Project Plan. I don’t just guess, I’ve physically done all of it. I’ve been an actual the CFO for dozens of small businesses and currently provide startup and financial advice for all sorts of companies. I help them put the pieces of the puzzle together with all the funding and lending options. I’ve got a professional certification in project management. I’m a teacher and mentor and have taught at the university level. I’m a marketer, too, who has developed incredible packages for angel financing, private equity raises, bank and non-bank. I treat starting a company and raising money just like a product. I’ve been told by other experts that my investor and lender packages are the best they’ve ever seen. One of my books is called “Business Owner’s Handbook Focus on Management of Money and Leadership to Increase Company Value”.  You can find it on Lulu, Amazon and I’ve built businesses from the ground up and one of them achieve $400M in the first year of operation. I’ve helped businesses get prepared and sell their company where the owners got a big check. One of my investor financial packages got $20M investor money for a new entrepreneur. I’m the Founder and CEO of CxO To Go, and founder of CrowdfundEnergy.

Roland says, “Get Marty’s Startup Roadmap and Detailed Project Plan today!”

Thank you! -Marty Koenig