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It’s painful and frustrating when coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, startups and solopreneurs struggle to get leads. It’s absolutely frustrating to continue on the roller coaster ride of marketing, getting qualified leads and delivering client work. It’s like you have a big rubber band in each arm, and two things pull you in two directions. Client work. Marketing. Client work. Marketing. there simply isn’t enough time in the day for all that.

One month is great, and the next you’re starving.

One month you get a ton of leads, the next is extremely dry.

That was happening to me.

I struggled to get enough leads consistently every month.

I know you have a lot to offer, and people want what you’ve got.

If only you could get in front of them or talk to them, right?  If only they would call you with their checkbooks open.

I heard for years that LinkedIn was a good place to find leads. I never really understood how, but figured it couldn’t be that hard if I put some energy into it.

Plus, I wasn’t sure exactly how to do it.

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Marty Koenig LinkedIn book

When I launched one of my first information products, it was time to try LinkedIn to get some leads. I decided to give it all my effort. Oh, and to document my journey along the way. Now I had a reason. I was motivated to succeed. 

After I figured it all out, I generated tons of leads and got tons of business from LinkedIn. I perfected my GroupSync Method. And now you can have it.

Here’s some reviews, from the book’s first edition before I started selling this latest, enhanced version on Amazon:

“The material delivered, at first glance, appears to be quite thorough and detailed. I believe it will be a valuable resource to obtain LinkedIn leads.” -chaney67

“This gig is just absolutely great. Very informative.” – topempowerment

“I am not sure I knew what to expect. However, as a new business owner I will definitely take action on some points raised. Thank you!” -janjan58

“Excellent! Info is great. Exactly what I wanted. Highly recommended.” -atmgp3


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Don’t learn the hard way. Learn from someone who did it and documented it all along the way. I didn’t make this stuff up.

 Make your prospects BEG to work with you!

That’s what happened to me. They open up their checkbook with ease. It happens every day now. 

Make money with LinkedIn


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It’s not theory. My book is the culmination of my journey to actual success. It’s driven by all the trial and error I had.

Don’t make the mistakes I made. Get quickly past them to the streamlined approach I perfected, so you can be successful too!

Personally, it took me a lot longer to get things going on LinkedIn, because I wanted to write it all down as I went through it.

I took lots of screen shots, figured out the “gotchas”, and what worked well and why.

Most instructional books like this will tell you what to do, but the authors won’t spend the time to tell you WHY something will work or won’t work.

With my book, you get perspective and my additional knowledge.

The result is a valuable book with actionable information that absolutely works.

Now YOU can dominate LinkedIn. Get more qualified leads, get more clients, and make more money. Lots of money. And help more people than ever. That’s really what you want, right?

marty koenig make money now  – No Kindle needed

My book is not a high level “7 Tips” style. Many other books are small and hint at the real solution to sell you other stuff. After reading them, you say “Huh? That’s all I get?”

Or what I found is the other LinkedIn books out there are too big, and cover everything under the sun – way too many topics. Like an encyclopedia. They try to be everything to everyone and that means their book can only skim over each topic. They are too wide, and not deep enough to give you super value.

Not me! My book is laser beam focused on a single topic. Its a deep dive and covers everything you need to know. That way you can do it like I do.

People in 97 countries have read my books. They love how I show the details. Great graphics, pictures, and screenshots, problem solving. They like that I not only cover the WHAT but also the WHY and the WHY NOT.

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You get a book packed with high value information. You get my actual, real world experience – no theory.

My advice and insights will absolutely work for you because I have personally done it.

Now it’s your turn!


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