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Download my examples and the great stats for a select few campaigns I helped. Get that here: (right click then Save as…)



Download my real Crowdfunding Reviews – free for you today.

These people paid me to review or even re-write their campaigns. When you see the before and after, you’ll learn exactly how to make your campaign “pop” with irresistible language. You will learn how to extract your own compelling story, since that’s really the only thing campaign backers want to hear about. Beyond a cool product or offering (which there are only a few that sell themselves … think Pebble, Veronica Mars, Uber), you MUST attract them to you, so they WANT to connect with you and they WANT to become a loyal, raving fan.

Review of an Indiegogo campaign:

Fiverr Review sueros Indiegogo 11-1-12.pdf

Here’s a re-write of the description:

Fiverr sueros Indiegogo 300 word re-script 11-21-12.pdf 

Here’s another review:

Fiverr review of indiegogo wall sensor.pdf

And one more….

Fiverr Gig Review  domdem MonsterMoos Kickstarter Campaign 1-9-13.pdf


Well shoot. I feel generous today! Here’s some EXTRA EXTRA BONUSES

Fiverr Gig Review eurowraps indiegogo campaign.pdf – See how I changed up their entire business model and approach. They were blown away by my advice.

Download now: jimmyvee Fiverr Kickstarter rewrite SQUATCHIT before and after.pdf – See how I changed their point of view to push thier campaign over the top of their goal. This one was a complete change up on the focus of the campaign and messaging. 


Next, you will want to get the PDF of Marty’s Presentation: This one is a fiverr gig all by itself, but you’re getting it for free! Enjoy it.  

Download now: Make Your Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign Insanely Successful – Kickstarter101.pdf


But Wait! ….  Don’t miss my live recorded talk:

 “How to Make Your Kickstarter Campaign Insanely Successful”

I’ve been told it’s like a min-MBA in Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, Rockethub, or CrowdIt. Learn how to launch an irresistible campaign.

This was presented to a packed room of Denver’s Kicktarter-101 students in 2013, so the content is fresh.

The huge value comes from the full 1.8 hour MBA-level class. It’s a high quality recording inserted onto the PowerPoint presentation, presented to you in a private video link.

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Kickstarter Insanity GIG EXTRAS



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super seller marty koenig biz growth coach on fiverr



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