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“I struggled to get fiverr sales. I wasn’t sure if I could make any real money at this.” -Marty Koenig, fiverr’s BizGrowthCoach

I learned that setting up a successful fiverr business is not automatic. Most fiverr sellers struggle to get enough orders in the door. That’s because they don’t understand what it takes to really get going. They throw up a gig, don’t spend much time thinking about it or planning and preparing. They believe it will be like Craigslist or EBay where you post something with a few sentences, maybe a picture, and someone will show up quickly and give you money.

dreamstime_l_12934236No internet home-based businesses is quite that easy. No matter what the “gurus” say! That’s a fact, that I have proven.

When I decided to become a fiverr seller, I spent 60 days planning and preparing for my fiverr debut.

Realistically, it should take 1-3 weeks if you do it right. I took extra time to journal everything I did, and everything that worked and everything that didn’t work. I wrote the definitive book about starting up a fiverr business, while I was actually doing it.

I wanted to hit the ground running, so I built a marketing plan specifically for fiverr gigs.

I did not want to just “dabble” in fiverr. I wanted to give it everything I had to see what was possible in this new world of microjobs, or gigs. 

“My friends thought I was nuts.”

They said, “How are you going make a living selling your high value consulting services at $5?”

My answer was simple: “If Starbucks can build a billion dollar company selling a $5 products (mostly coffee), I can do the same thing selling my products. All I’m really doing is taking what I already know, my personal work, and selling it cheap. Thousands buy my powerful, proven information and they will get way more than $5 worth of value.”    

I decided to apply everything I knew about marketing to my grand fiverr experiment. I continued to learn and apply new thinking and new techniques. You get to see them in this Fiverr Gig Marketing Plan.

Fiverr promoted me to Top Rated Seller in under 4 months. Just shy of six months after publishing my first gig, I was awarded fiverr’s 2nd ever Super Seller status.

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Welcome to the Fiverr Gig Marketing Plan

This marketing plan is not the whole answer, but it’s a big part of it. You’ll see in a bit this package includes much more than that.

It allows you to plan, prepare and launch your fiverr gigs. It follows the best and most recent strategies I  actually apply to my own business, and the businesses of my private clients.

I promise if you follow the PPLETM Method, you will have more success as a fiverr seller.

Don’t wait. Improve your marketing now. The sooner you implement some of these steps, the faster you can start making real money. 

You’ll need Excel 2003 or higher. Remember: You’ll want to use a separate plan for each gig – at least the ones that are significantly different than the others.

Great marketing leads to more sales. It’s that simple. 

I perfected my powerful, yet simple Fiverr Gig Marketing Plan, and now you get to have it.

You will receive the same information I created WHILE I WAS ACTUALLY BUILDING MY SUCCESSFUL FIVERR BUSINESS.

Next: How would you like a bundle of gigs I sell on fiverr… at a huge discount?

Read on….

The following gigs are included in the “Business Growth Kit – Fiverr Bundle”

bizgrowthcoach: I will provide a startup checklist and project plan for $5 on

I will provide a startup checklist and project plan for $5 + the $10 customizable version.



bizgrowthcoach: I will provide a detailed planning checklist for a Kickstarter campaign, a definitive Kickstarter guide road map for $5 on

I will provide a detailed planning checklist for a Kickstarter campaign, a definitive Kickstarter … for $5 + Kickstarter Score so you can see if using Kickstarter is right for you.



bizgrowthcoach: I will provide an actions tracking project management tool plus detailed instructions for your startup, business or project for $5 on

I will provide an actions tracking project management tool plus detailed instructions for your … for $5


bizgrowthcoach: I will provide a marketing strategy questionnaire so you can get more customers for $5 on

I will provide a marketing strategy questionnaire so you can get more customers for $5 + the $10 customizable version.



bizgrowthcoach: I will provide an ebook on how to avoid the high cost of incompetent bookkeepers for $5 on

I will provide an ebook on how to avoid the high cost of incompetent bookkeepers for $5



bizgrowthcoach: I will provide a personal business plan template for direct marketers for $5 on

I will provide a personal business plan template for direct marketers for $5



I spent an average of $900 to $2,700 to create each one of these.  

I tried to add my Fiverr Gig Marketing Plan as a gig on fiverr, but fiverr kept declining it. So I stopped trying to get them to do it. Fiverr doesn’t like gigs that help people make more money on fiverr. I don’t know why, but that’s their policy. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to create this sales page you are reading now. 

That’s OK, I am including the “Fiverr Gig Marketing Plan” FREE in the Business Growth Kit – Fiverr Bundle!    

It includes all the gig extras for customizable, editable forms and templates. 

Order my Business Growth Kit – Fiverr Bundle today!

$60 value individually on fiverr.  Today $25 (See even more valuable offers below)


Get Even More Amazing Information with the ULTIMATE KIT


The “Ultimate Business Growth Kit” is my high-end kit. It includes all the above plus many items I don’t sell on fiverr.

The ultimate kit includes everything you need! Start your business, use the tools I use for my private clients.

  • Make your business thrive!
  • This valuable information is not made up
  • It’s not theory
  • It’s actuality. It’s the real deal I have personally written and proved it works

I wouldn’t write a book or template until I proved that it worked for me personally.

I use these all the time grow my own business and thousands of others. 

Buy the “Ultimate Business Growth Kit” and you get these additional powerful tools:

Pitching Investors?

Ever heard of “The GOLD STANDARD INVESTOR PITCH TEMPLATE”.  Every pitch review and re-write I do includes two templates and a paper called “How to Create an Enchanting Pitch” 

This next part might blow you away.

I have included my best work – you get some of my personal investor pitch reviews and real investor pitch decks. These PowerPoint presentation decks have raised real money from angel investors. 

Order the “Ultimate Business Growth Kit” that includes EVERYTHING ON THIS PAGE.

My advisors told me to NOT include these next books……because “they are too valuable.”

They told me I could sell these somewhere else for $50 each.

But, I ignored my advisors.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Grow your business to extreme levels
  • Learn from me personally
  • Get my insights and advice
  • Read these two information-packed books
  • These are the very same powerful methods I use every day


SPECIAL BOOK #1:  “How to Make Your First Significant Money as a Fiverr Seller” written by yours truly.

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SPECIAL BOOK #2:  “How To Use LinkedIn to Generate Powerful Business Leads” written by yours truly.


Take action now. Download my Ultimate Business Growth Kit, and rocket your business all the way to the moon. Like I have.


The bonuses below are reserved for my first 50 startup entrepreneur buyers who are interested in raising capital from investors.

After the first 50, they are all gone. I don’t want too many of these to get out. They are too powerful in the hands of too many people. 

My private clients have paid me $2,500 to 12,000 to create these customized versions for them.

Now you can have them, for a limited time only. 

Special Bonus #1   Initial Business and Funding Readiness Assessment 

Are you ready for funding from outside investors? I use these questions when an entrepreneur wants to raise investor money, to determine where they are and where they need to be. Answer these questions and see where you stand for yourself. 

Special Bonus #2   Executive Summary Samples and Templates

I have never sold or given these away to anyone before. You are be the first. If your Executive Summary doesn’t have that polished, professional look and feel, you can forget getting investors excited. If you don’t prepare the content they expect, and the compelling marketing language, investors won’t give you the time of day. I included several of my favorite Executive Summaries. Download the exact formats that gets results. See the content that gets investors excited. These are editable, customizable versions. I have never sold or given these away to anyone before. You will be the first. 

Special Bonus #3   Investor Grade Financial Models

I have never given these away or sold these either. For the first time ever, you get several investor grade financial projection models that I created from the ground up. You cah use these as your own template, changing the few things specific to your business. These are the ones that actually raised millions of capital from investors and investment bankers. 

How Much for All That?

I could easily sell a package with everything on the page for $300. What would you pay for it? 

$200? That was the price my advisors suggested.



How about $97? My advisors recommended against selling all this value for such a low, low price. 

Today’s price is significantly less than that.

100-satisfaction-guaranteed3 If you don’t get the insights and actionable information, tools, techniques and knowledge to move you closer to a successful business, I’ll return your money, no questions asked.No matter what, myr 100% Guarantee means there’s no risk for you. 

Instantly download The ULTIMATE Business Growth Kit.  

$97 Today $55


Who is Marty?

marty koenig linkedin group syncI’m Marty Koenig, aka BizGrowthCoach on fiverr. People tell me I’m the real deal. Many folks have worked with coaches or consultants and the entrepreneur’s experience is usually less than stellar. Not with me.

I was the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for 24 firms and raised over $20M for my clients. I was the Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, as well as Chief Operating Officer. I’m pretty good at managing projects too, having a professional certification in project management – I’m PMP Certified. I’ve got four university degrees: An Associates in Electronics, Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, plus Bachelors and Masters degrees in Management.

At the left is a picture of me after completing last year’s annual Main Street Mentor’s Walk in Denver, doing a 5K walk while coaching entrepreneurs. 

I have the time of my life helping small business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, home-based consultants and coaches grow their business, become more proud of their online visibility, and get more business from the internet, so they can build the business of their dreams, make more money, and spend more time with their friends and families.

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  $97  Today $55


Disclaimer: I am not an attorney and do not give out legal advice. I am not a CPA and do not give out accounting advice. There are never any guarantees that a business or individual will get more leads or more customers or more sales. The best way to do that is to for buyers actually consume these information products and rigorously execute them. All these products are intellectual property owned by and copyrighted by CXO TO GO LLC and Marty Koenig. Under no circumstances can this property be resold, copied or published on any online or internet site, or hard copy format.  These tools have hidden watermarks our tools search for copies, and will find them even if they are changed.